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Did you know that air conditioners cannot make cold air? Your air conditioner running hard this summer in Houston and Spring, Texas does not make cold air. Instead, it takes heat out of the air to cool your home or office. This simple principle for air conditioning was developed way back in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier, the founding father of our partner Carrier Inc. here in Houston, Texas.

A publishing company asked Carrier, who was an electrical engineer, to help get the humidity out of the plant’s air during the summer time. The paper absorbed the moisture making it hard to ink up the paper with text. Carrier figured out how to treat the hot, humid air by blowing it across chilled pipes.

This same AC concept holds true in homes throughout Houston and Spring today. As the air in your home passes through the coil above or below the furnace, the refrigerant in that coil has a property that allows it to take heat out of the air. So where does the heat go? Outside! Just walk by your air conditioner in the summer and feel the warm to hot air blowing out. That’s the refrigerant collected inside your home blowing out and giving you peace of mind that your Houston air conditioner is working well.

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