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Have You Experienced the Annoyance of Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home?

If it feels like you're traveling through different seasons when you walk through your home, you know how frustrating this can be. Even between rooms that share a wall, if you notice a temperature difference, you should call the professionals at AC Texas. The most probable answer to this discomfort is that your furnace is not the correct size for your home. When you have an HVAC unit that is too small, it is unable to push airflow throughout your home properly, leaving some rooms to receive cooler air than others. A unit that is too large could be heating or cooling your home too much, resulting in an imbalance between hot and cold air in your home. 

Get Your Ducts in A Row

Another common issue is that your ductwork is failing you on some level. The insulation around the ductwork may not performing correctly. Also, if your home is poorly insulated, the warm air will dissipate faster. It could be that you have a leak somewhere, which would call for air duct inspections and repairs. Along the same lines, it is vital to check for air leaks in your home to identify any rooms that feel significantly colder than others. These could be minor things such as door and window cracks. Attic and basement accesses are also captors of hot air that belongs in your living rooms.

Let AC Texas Introduce Your Home to an HVAC Zoning System

The last possibility is that your home is improperly zoned. HVAC zoning systems help control individual temperatures of each zone, rather than the entire house. Systems such as these can bring a reduction in energy bills and ensure that the unit keeps spaces used most frequently at optimal temperatures.

AC Texas is here to help with all of your home's inconsistencies in heating and cooling. Our experts will help you locate the source of your hot and cold spots and work with you to develop a solution that best fits your needs.

If you are experiencing hot and cold spots, call AC Texas today at (281) 355-1500 for fast, reliable air balancing or HVAC zoning system services.

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