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Say Goodbye to Traditional Air Conditioners

For most Houston TX and surrounding area homeowners, air conditioning is a relatively simple matter.

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Typically, an outside air conditioning unit, working in conjunction with the home's furnace and air ducts, provides cold air to every room. However, some homeowners have homes that don't lend themselves to the installation of air duct systems. In the past, these homeowners have relied on noisy, bulky window air conditioning units installed in every room.

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Introducing Ductless Air Conditioners

Now, with the introduction of modern, efficient ductless split systems, this problem has been solved. Using a small outdoor unit and quiet, attractive indoor units, air conditioning in homes without air ducts is finally practical and affordable. From units that cool single rooms to multi-split systems that use a single outdoor unit, ductless air conditioning systems provide cold, clean, quiet air to homes. Finally, you can dump those large window installations and enjoy quality airflow throughout your home. With additional features, including energy efficiency, remote operation, and easy installation, you will ask yourself why you haven't upgraded to ductless air conditioners sooner.

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When Traditional Air Conditioners Aren't an Option, Turn to Solutions from ACTexas

AC Texas aims to provide our customers with excellent solutions for all of your HVAC needs. If you would like to know more about whether ductless mini-split air conditioners are right for you, contact AC Texas.  We provide free in-home analyses and can estimate the costs of purchase and installation on site. We have the experience to install an alternative heating or cooling system for your home when traditional systems are not an option by using ductless air conditioning systems.

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Our comfort technicians are here to assist you in regulating your heating and cooling temperatures within your home or business. With over 25 years of experience in the Heating & Cooling industry, we have become experts in installing, repairing, and replacing furnace and AC equipment across the northern Houston area.

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