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Does Your Home Have "Dirty Sock Syndrome"?

Continual foul, musty odors could be a result of mold and bacteria building up in parts of your air conditioner. This odor has been coined as "dirty sock syndrome" and can be unpleasant to you and anyone else that enters your home.

The smell starts after you turn your air conditioner on due to the air flowing through the mildew and bringing dust particles into your air space. The decaying organic material smells like dirty gym socks, hence the name.   



What Should You Do If You Think Your Home Has “Dirty Sock Syndrome?"

Let us note here that air conditioners can give off vile smells for a variety of reasons. Before you automatically chalk it up to dirty sock syndrome, you should call an experienced HVAC company to evaluate your air conditioning unit. This poor indoor air quality typically does not pose a danger to you or your family but rather lingers as an annoyance. It is not a problem that will solve itself, so you should schedule a service call with ACTexas to have it looked at.


Trust ACTexas to Improve Your Home's Indoor Air Quality

When you call us to evaluate your indoor air quality, we are often able to schedule service for the same day. One of our trained technicians will come to your home and assess your home’s heating and cooling system, perform any maintenance needed, and if necessary recommend one of our air quality solutions. This could include an air cleaner, UV light, or REME Halo to improve the indoor air quality in your home, as well as Air Duct Cleaning or Dryer Vent Cleaning services.

Each provides unique benefits to your home’s air quality, which can improve your quality of life. People that live in homes with poor air quality experience more frequent headaches, coughing or wheezing, sinus congestion, skin irritation, and more.

Make your home's air quality a priority by calling ACTexas today at (281) 355-1500.

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